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Wireline Units

We deploy latest Heavy Duty Wireline units sourced from Dynawinch, Canada that complies with PDO specification.

Wireline comes as a 0.108” and 0.125” standard size and can be changed to 0.160 size to meet the requirements of heavy duty fishing.

Units subjected to the regular checks and inspection under strict quality control conditions to ensure the integrity and readiness for deployment at short notice.

Unit Specification:

  • Designed for accuracy under extreme ambient temperatures of Middle East and fit for rough terrain deployment.
  • Integrated crane & winch allowing maximum versatility during rig up and down operations with crane boom of 90 meters.
  • Fully integrated safety systems.
  • Hydraulic BOP operation (well head control panel).
  • Smart data recording system.
  • Closed circuit hydraulics.
  • Air start for Zone Compliance.
  • Zone 2 power pack with over 400 BHP Unit Accessories and Tools.
  • Interchangeable drums.
  • Complete complement of running & pulling tools.
  • Tool chest.
  • Kick over tools.
  • Universal pulling tools.
  • Heavy duty fishing tools.
  • Power jars.
  • SIM lock plugs.
  • Safety equipment.
  • Workshop for maintenance, assembly and testing.


  • 10 K rated SPM TWS 600S with max. pump rate of 1300 liters/minute.
  • H2S+Co2 trim.
  • Laptop based Data Acquisition System (DACPAC from Stewart & Stevenson).
  • Hydraulic BOP operation (well head control panel).
  • Truck mounted for easy maneuverability.
  • Safety Systems.
  • 10K, H2S+Co2 pressure control equipment.